Successful sustainability strategizing

We help you identify effective, yet feasible, steps to help solve some of the most visible and pressing issues of today and tomorrow. You can take action relevant to your company in some or more of the below focal areas:

Climate change strategies

  • Identify your carbon footprint for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions
  • Obtain supply chain emissions reductions
  • Create internal energy reductions (a/c, heating, insulation, recycling)
  • Identify the climate risks posed to your company
  • Identify the climate risks your company is posing to others
  • Set a correct carbon price for your products and services (i.e., determine a correct “shadow carbon pricing”/internal carbon pricing strategy)
  • Support carbon capture and storage
  • Conduct product and service lifecycle assessments

General environmental improvement work

  • Reduce your waste and recycle more
  • Increase your focus on cradle-to-cradle materials use
  • Phase out your use of single-use items such as plastic and some paper
  • Source your materials in better ways in general
  • Improve your chemicals usage and disposal needs while saving money
  • Create micro gardens such as in parking lots and on rooftops.
  • Install employee-popular parking lots with shaded parking provided by solar panels


HR-related issues

  • Improve your DEI efforts
  • Take your labor practices to the next level for a better work environment which will help your profit creation
  • Identify good pipelines of diverse candidate
  • Improve your hiring practices
  • Enhance your appropriate support of minority-/women-owned businesses
  • Support public and/or shared transportation
  • Avoid gender pay gaps and improve on your reporting of such unavoidable gaps
  • Create modern workers’ demographics data
  • Build freedom of association
  • Obtain assistance in board composition
  • Build on educational assistance & training
  • Work on gender equity & management strategies
  • Accept, when relevant, depression, anxiety, and other personal challenges for your employees and help them move past such challenges


  • Avoid corruption and report on unavoidable issues
  • Build modern-day slavery risk analysis
  • Give educational assistance when you can
  • Render community assistance
  • Get assistance interacting and cooperating with local, regional, federal, and supranational government entities
  • Interact with the government in feasible, uncontroversial ways


  • Transparency issues
  • Sector benchmark reporting
  • Materiality assessments
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ESG Reporting

We help you select the most appropriate among several software programs such as SustainLife, Workiva, Novata, Proof, Novisto, Benchmark ESG, and Diligent.

We also help you decide which reporting platform to use. Some of the most frequently used are GRI, SASB, TCFD/CDP, ISSB, and S&P.

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