Today, more and more high-net-worth individuals seek ways to give back to society in ways that truly make a difference. Many are getting impatient with “middlemen solutions” and contributions to organizations without much transparency. You should know where your money goes and be able to see ways in which it will have an immediate impact.

With us, you will work directly and efficiently on tailored grant-giving for direct, effective contributions to quality organizations and/or researchers that make a real difference today or show clear promise of doing so in unique ways in the very near future. We vet recipients of funds, matching the desires and interests of the philanthropists with worthy organizations who can truly make a difference. As a researcher and law professor for several ABA-accredited law schools for more than a decade, the founder knows the ins and outs of this field.

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For more than a decade, the founder and operator of One World ESG has scrutinized claims by other researchers, organizations, and government entities to differentiate between truth and mere claims. We have experience working confidentially with very high net worth individuals who seek to help improve our natural surroundings and educational systems while creating a legacy for themselves. We are acutely aware of the need for confidentiality, yet also the ability to produce quality public statements for philanthropists when that is desired.

We unflinchingly identify and speak the truth. We adhere to exceedingly high standards and ethics. Trust us to help you help others!

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